ACT HTA 2019 Working Groups

Are you gifted and/or talented, or just interested in developing your skills in Project Management, Community Partnerships and/or with ICT and marketing? (or even just interested in learning more as part of a range of small, practical projects run by passionate teams?).

Do you have any project management, professional and/or community organisational skills and/or want the chance to develop them?

The ACT HTA President Ann and VP Deb are eager to hear from any continuing and/or new members interested in being part of the following Working Groups:

  • ACT HTA 2019 web site and promotional materials review, research, budgeting and brainstorming team


  • ACT HTA regional and national History Competitions trainee coordinators (to work as part of a team)


  • ACT HTA 2019 National Conference organising team.

All three teams have already formed and commenced research they will present to the ACT HTA Executive then at meetings during 2018/19, and more participants on all three are very welcome! Email Ann at if interested, or with any offers, questions and ideas.

Our President, Secretary and committee member Sarah Warren, at a recent Movie Night !