Financial Support for Interstate History PL for financial, active members in 2019 & 2020

Dear HTA Presidents and HTAA significant others

I just want you to know if you haven’t already heard via your HTA’s Twitter that I’ve been working as your/HTAA’s representative to AHA and with three members of its Executive to have a donation that Honest History made to AHA be earmarked to support one secondary History teacher’s ability to attend the AHA Conference this year (in Toowoomba) and another teacher next year (in Geelong). The sum available is $400 per year – to help cover the teacher’s costs of registration, transport and accommodation – and payable to the successful applicant upon completion of something they have promised to do within (3) months of the conference. The successful applicant will more likely be a teacher who would not have institutional or other financial support to attend.

The aim primarily is for the teacher to access the latest historical research as suits their or their school needs, although there are also ‘teaching History’ sessions’ (aimed, however, more at tertiary settings). Nevertheless, there is much to be gained from the whole conference experience for any teacher’s work but also including helping build positive understandings and relationships between secondary teachers and tertiary-based historians.

I’ll be at the conference the four main days, self-funding myself when not on HTAA official meeting business, and I’d very much enjoy liaising with the teacher and introducing them around if they wished. (There are usually 2-3 regular teacher-attendees I see each year – and of course AHA is keen to have more teachers join and/or attend its conferences in the years to come.)

The AHA Executive members and I have worked on some suggestions of what the teacher might do, and the final list is what AHA approved.

A panel will assess all applications.

There is a tight turnaround time, but apparently someone applied almost as soon as the first Tweet went out.

Credits to the AHA and Honest History for this opportunity.

The full scholarship details can be found here.

It would also be very good of you to promote in one or more of your various ways AHA’s conference overall:

Do email me if you have any questions

Best wishes



Senior Lecturer
History Education / History of Education

Education:  Monash University