2021 Events

As we all know, Covid put pay to many activities this year. The Committee met in early December and has identified our activities for Semester 1:

BEHIND THE LINES AND MOAD PL, 18th February 2021 (Week 3) – Hosted by MoAD

The main theme for this PD will be the new Behind the Lines exhibition and includes a discussion with the Cartoonist of the Year – Cathy Wilcox. MoAD will also showcase its new online resources and other exhibitions that teachers may find helpful in their practice.

NATIONAL HISTORY CHALLENGE LAUNCH, 25th February 2021 (Week 4) – Venue:  National Archives of Australia
Our annual launch for the National History Challenge where teachers and local cultural institutions meet.


Presented by Dr Sofia Samper Carro (ANU)
4.00-6.00 pm, Thu 11 Mar 2021, ANU (exact venue TBA)
A more detailed program is under development, and this workshop will be as interactive as possible. The content will deal with prehistoric (not ‘classical’) societies. Sofia is generously presenting this workshop with the aim of sharing skills, knowledge and teachable content for Social Sciences/History teachers in the ACT.

For more information, please contact Chris Kenna.

Term 2

TEACH MEET, 13th May 2021 (Week 3) – Hosted at UC SSC Lake Ginninderra College
Our annual teach-meet for primary, secondary and senior-secondary educators across the ACT.

New Life Members

Long serving members, Liz McGinnis and Nick Ewbank were elected to Life Membership of the ACT HTA and presented with plaques at the November AGM!

2020 National History Challenge – ACT Winners and NATIONAL WINNER

To our surprise, there was an increase in entries in the NHC this year, particularly in the primary sector with two new schools entering. The standard of work at the primary level was beyond anything the judging panel had experienced before – wonderful to see but very difficult to judge! There were some amazing winners. All judging took place online this year over the course of a week, including for the first time, that of models and museum entries.

We again have a national winner, for Year 9, who was also our Young Historian, announced at the combined state/national presentation on 26th November. We were delighted and surprised to be able to actually hold a presentation this year. It was held at the Australia War Memorial theatre, for which we were very grateful and included a video speech by the Minister for Education, and one from the Director of the AWM, Mr Matt Anderson.

“I found the theme, Contested Histories, really interesting. I thought there was a lot of room to manoeuvre and a lot of freedom with the theme and what I could choose to write about, while also giving me some direction.”
Chanhyeok (Kevin) Wang, ACT Young Historian of the Year, Telopea Park School

Chanhyeok (Kevin) Wang

Read more here: Telopea Park School student named ACT Young Historian of the Year (ACT EDU)
For a list of all the 2020 Winners, please visit the National History Challenge website.

Join Us!

Dear P-12 teachers, school leaders, community members and history stakeholders

We are a small but passionate and dedicated group of volunteers teachers and school leaders from primary and high schools, colleges and a range of community institutions and local groups.  We work together to provide a range of professional learning, resource sharing and strategic networking events for history educators.

Our goal is to recognise the value of the subject and profession for all.

The Committee has decided that, in light of Covid-19, memberships purchased in 2020 will cover the period until Jan 2022.  Great value – never been a better time to join!

To join your ACT HTA simply complete one of the following –

Option 1. If you / your school / institution want to apply and pay with card go to the main menu of this site, click Membership, then choose the option that suits you following the steps.

Option 2. If you wish to transfer money go to the mail menu of this site, click Contact, then choose the ACT HTA Treasurer (Daniel) and give your email, full name and school so we can send you the very easy application .

We will add you to the exclusive email lists so you will be aware of everything going on, including members-only PL, networking and new resource launches and much, much more!

Teach Meet and National History Challenge

First PL for 2020!

Interested in meeting like-minded teachers with a passion for History?

Want to support your students who enter the National 
History Challenge?

Come along and meet History teachers and others at the Museum of Australian Democracy on Thursday 12 March 2020, 4:00PM.

Members free.  Non-members $20.

National History Challenge Winner!

Zachary Johnston

Young Historian of the ACT in the National History Challenge

is presented with the Chief Minister’s Award

by Ms Catherine Orchard

Director, Curriculum Policy, Australian Government Department of Education


Well done to Zac and to all the students, teachers and schools who entered!

Financial Support for Interstate PL for financial, active members in 2020

Dear HTA Presidents and HTAA significant others

I just want you to know if you haven’t already heard via your HTA’s Twitter that I’ve been working as your/HTAA’s representative to AHA and with three members of its Executive to have a donation that Honest History made to AHA be earmarked to support one secondary History teacher’s ability to attend the AHA Conference in 2020 in Geelong. The sum available is $400 per year – to help cover the teacher’s costs of registration, transport and accommodation – and payable to the successful applicant upon completion of something they have promised to do within (3) months of the conference. The successful applicant will more likely be a teacher who would not have institutional or other financial support to attend.

The aim primarily is for the teacher to access the latest historical research as suits their or their school needs, although there are also ‘teaching History’ sessions’ (aimed, however, more at tertiary settings). Nevertheless, there is much to be gained from the whole conference experience for any teacher’s work but also including helping build positive understandings and relationships between secondary teachers and tertiary-based historians.

The AHA Executive members and I have worked on some suggestions of what the teacher might do, and the final list is what AHA approved.

A panel will assess all applications. There is a tight turnaround time, but apparently someone applied almost as soon as the first Tweet went out.

Credits to the AHA and Honest History for this opportunity.

The full scholarship details can be found here.


Do email me if you have any questions  rosalie.triolo@monash.edu

Best wishes

Rosalie   DR ROSALIE TRIOLO  Senior Lecturer   History Education / History of Education Education:  Monash University